Learning has to be experiential , hands on and needs the right set of tools to equip students to be able to solve challenging problems. We focus on an integrated approach to learning and at the heart of our process is affordable open-source technology, collaboration, creativity and physical computing.

It’s not just Science? Its Art

A programmer starts with a blank canvas and uses his/her skills to express his/her ideas or solve a problem.

Learning Together

Cause when we learn from each other, we learn it the best!That's why we design all our programmes around group efforts and collaboration.

'Cheap' - Thrills

At the heart of our hardware are low cost processors developed specifically for use by children and hobbyists to learn coding or to be used as a cheaper computer or for DIY projects.

More than a box!

Computers are much more than the "Boxed" devices they are portrayed as in schools. We want to take computing out of smart phones and laptops and into the physical world.

Not just Lines of Code

We believe in making stuff that you can touch, feel, even Eat if it's healthy! Things that are much more than sequences of 0s and 1s

Why not learn it All?

Our learning experience allows children to strengthen their understanding of different subject areas through pratical experimentation using technology.