Pi Jam Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization (Section-8 under Indian Companies Act 2013) established in September 2017.We aim to equip children and educators of India with access to affordable technology and enhanced quality of Computer Science education.

The Crisis


Schools in India without computers according to the NUEPA Report,2012


India's Rank on the List of World's Most Creative Countries


India's rank in education according to the Legatum Prosperity Index

Our Solution

Provide access to affordable open source hardware/software that reduces entry barriers for experimentation and promotes global knowledge sharing.

Enhance the quality of computer education by developing a curriculum that fosters essential skills like programming, problem solving and design thinking through a hands-on STEM approach.

Problem Solving
Physical Computing
Design Thinking
Digital Making

Our Implementation


The workshop serves as an experience into the tremendous possibilities of technology to learn and create. For a week/fortnight students are engaged in fun, challenging experiments that push their critical thinking, design and problem solving skills.

Pi Labs

These computing labs serve as spaces that allow students to explore, experiment, tinker and create. Along with the requisite hardware, we also provide a grade-specific curriculum, comprehensive teacher training and post-training mentorship to ensure optimum learning outcomes.

Weather Station

This 6 day workshop guides children to build an automated weather station for their school. The data from this weather station would be uploaded to a centralized server maintained by the Indian Meteorological Department and can be used by participating schools to study weather patterns, climate change and statistical geography.

Students Reached

Our Mentor

Ujwal Thakar

Ex-Pratham & GiveIndia CEO, Advisor to PwC, KPMG

Board of Directors

Jitendra Pathak

Senior Vice President, Service Delivery, Connectwise

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